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Build Your Own NUC!


We have moved. Have a look at the updated NUC configurator here! This one will work ok though.

What kind of memory I need for NUC, will this SSD drive work together with D34010WYK, can I install a hard disk drive in the BayTrail NUC?


The NUC Configurator will help you to choose components for your NUC that are known to work together. You choose what kind of components you want, the NUC configurator will validate your choices, verify the compatibility and give you a convenient link which gives you the possibility to order your NUC online easily from Amazon.

When you receive your NUC, you can then assemble it according to the easy instructions supplied with the NUC or you might want to read my article or watch these helpful YouTube videos (How to Setup the Intel NUC: Complete Guide and Intel NUC D54250WYK - First Look and Assembly Guide) that show you how it's done.

The NUC configurator will take the guesswork out of the NUC ordering. For example, the NUC is known to be a bit picky when it comes to the memory modules. I've included only known good memory chips, so you don't have to spend time comparing the product numbers and trying to find out if that chip works or not. The tool will select good quality components while still keeping the value very much in mind.

Basic hardware

First thing you will need to choose is the NUC. There are 5 choices currently. The lowest cost model is the Celeron-based DN2820FYKH, then you have the Core i3 models D34010WYK and D34010WYKH and finally the most powerful Core i5 models D54250WYK and D54250WYKH. The model names that end with letter H are for the models that can take a 2.5 inch HDD or SSD drive.

Then you will need to choose the amount of memory. The amount you need depends on the planned usage. If you're going to use the NUC as a HTPC with Linux, 2-4 gigabytes should be enough. If you plan to use it as a normal computer, 4-8 gigabytes is recommended. Real power users might want even 16 gigabytes of memory! It's good to keep in mind that the Celeron BayTrail NUC will only take one memory module, where as the Haswell NUC models have 2 slots for memory. Also, if you have two identical memory modules installed, the dual channel mode is enabled. This is marginally faster than single channel mode.

Finally, you probably need some form of storage on your device. 2.5 inch hard disk drives and SSD drives are supported by the models with a name ending in letter H. The other models support an mSATA SSD drive, so you'll always have an option to install an SSD drive. If you don't need much storage space on the device itself (maybe you stream videos from a network drive or Internet only), you don't need a huge drive on the device itself. However, this really depends on your usage. I always recommend installing the operating system on an SSD drive though and with the SSD drive prices falling down lately, it's harder to justify leaving out the SSD considering the performance gains it will bring.


Finally finish your NUC with accessories such as WLAN interface card, HDMI cable to connect it to your TV or a remote controller.

The NUC Configurator will verify that the accessories you chose are compatible with the NUC model you've chosen and if not, it will suggest another one.

Configure Your NUC

Choose the parts you'd like to have in your NUC and press the button below to validate your choices and verify the compatibility. The technical specifications on each of these models can be found on our NUC line-up page.

NUC Model
SSD Drive
Hard Drive
Video Cable      


Utmost care has been taken to make The NUC Configurator only give you options that will work together. However, I cannot guarantee that this is the case always. Please have a look at the shopping list carefully before making a purchase.


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  3. I just purchased a Nuc7i7BNH with a 512g NVME SSD and 32g of memory..
    I bought one without a hard drive, because I am thinking I would like to add another NVME SSD, instead of a hard drive.
    Is this possible? Or even a good idea?
    It came with a HD slot.
    I see that Amazon sells some adapters, but I have no idea if they would do the job, or which to get if it would be possible.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks muchly.